Needles and Belts for turntables:

Don't be concerned about availability of record stylii - needles for the greater majority of turntables are available. Let us know the brand and model number and we can have them in stock in a day or two. Also available are generic cartridges - price dependent on quality. Replacement turntable belts are also available to order.

Cleaning and Accessories:


Anti-static Record Cleaner (black bottle with nozzle) : Anti-static refill (blue bottle)

Carbon fibre Brush - Standard : Carbon Fibre Brush - Deluxe

Disco-Static Cleaner


We stock antistatic record cleaning spray, brushes and cleaning utilities. The Disco Antistat is a highly recommended cleaner for dirty records and those with mould problems. The old school Disc Washer combines a day to day cleaner with something for a deeper clean. Highly recommended.

Vinyl Care System

Record Cleaning Service:

We offer a record cleaning service using a VPI cleaning machine. Results are not guaranteed, but usually cleaning will greatly increase the quality of reproduction while reducing surface noise. Cost is $4.00 per record with a (usually) two to three day turnaround.

Record Inners and outers:

We sell 12 inch "rice paper" inners, and heavy duty opaque protective outers. Price is 25 cents each. Order below by clicking on the quantity, or contact us for whatever amount you need.


Record Outers : Quantities 50 / 100 /200

Record Inners : Quantities 50 / 100 /200

Crosley Autorama Record Player:

We are no longer able to obtain the Crosley record player, but we have left the picture as they DO look rather cute!! (but were utterly awful quality!)