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In Cieli di Toscana (in English, Skies of Tuscany), tenor Andrea Bocelli pays tribute to his Tuscan heritage through performances of a number of romantic Italian-language songs, old and new, which relate to the northern Italian region associated with high-quality olive oil and unspoiled, pristine coastline. As such, Cieli di Toscana proves a sort of Tuscan counterpart to Bocelli's album of Neapolitan standards, Sentimento. While powerhouse producer Caterina Caselli Sugar's arrangements are dated — they smack of the Europop sound of the 1980s — Bocelli's voice has such a warm and lovable personality that it is impossible for him to rub the listener the wrong way. In these relatively simple songs, Bocelli draws on his operatic skills as a singer only very sparingly, applying vibrato to notes when he is in need of more power or a more secure sense of pitch.
Andrea Bocelli - "Cieli Di Toscana" ..... Online Price $40.50