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Astrud Gilberto sings a mist of sound. Her voice is small and soft and very intimate. Although it has been described as "the sound of yearning innocence," it is also the sound of hushed intimacy. Astrud married Joao Gilberto in 1959 and emigrated to the U.S. in 1963. She burst into the limelight of American popular music when her vocal on the Stan Getz recording of The Girl From Ipanema captivated enough American ears to help make the record a best-seller, and Astrud a star. It was her first professional appearance as a vocalist. She has absolute command of bossa nova songs, and creates fresh and incisive renditions of American popular songs. This album is Astrud's third.
Astrud Gilberto - "Look to the Rainbow" ..... Online Price $22.50