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One of B.B. King's first pop-inclined efforts, this CD features the support of rock- and blues-raised session players. King's progeny, in a sense. Keyboardist Al Kooper is the most notable, but it's guitarist Hugh McCracken who engages the master in a six-string duel on the jam "Cryin' Won't Help You Now/You're Mean." The album also contains King's breakthrough hit "The Thrill Is Gone." King didn't particularly enjoy the tune when he recorded it. But when he returned to the studio the next day to hear the strings that were added to sweeten its chorus in his absence, he was as taken by the transcendent, majestic sweep they lent his performance as the rest of the world was soon to be. Indeed, his visceral vocal and stinging guitar leads define the bittersweet aftertaste of lost love. While the sheen of the hit's production stands out among this album's cuts, the unvarnished emotion of its lyrics is what the blues is all about.
B.B. King - "Completly Well" ..... Online Price $35.10