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Throughout the ages, the string quartet with its usual forces has always been regarded as the crowning discipline among all forms of composition. Poetically described by Carl Maria von Weber as the "nude of musical art" and by Goethe as a "cultured conversation among equals," the genre reflects the creative art of important composers from the Viennese Classicism right up to modern times.

The Juilliard Quartet was the very first American ensemble to record the six quartets in roughly 1950, and they took up the challenge to record the works once again in the middle of the 60s, in order to give each of the unique works a conclusive performance. With firm bowing, and a dry and direct tone, the musicians dissect the substantial power of these works to reflect all the different aspects of the manuscripts.

Bartok - "Six String Quartets - Juilliard String Quartet" ..... Online Price $89.10