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Sourced from the original master tapes and cut at Abbey Road Studios

A two records set on pressed on 180-gram vinylComes with original poster and individual pictures in a gatefold cover.

Optimum audiophile-quality sound from a first-rate team of producers and engineers


Comprised of material each member wrote on acoustic guitars while on a spiritual retreat in India, "The Beatles" (most commonly known as "The White Album") remains the band's most expansive, and, for multiple reasons, famous record. While its double-album sprawl suggests indulgence, there are few (if any) missteps. It stands as the group's last one-for-all, all-for-one effort, even if most of the songs double as solo material given the singing by individual members on many of the tracks.

Quality says "Maybe 5 Beatle albums rank as masterpieces, and the "White" album would have certainly made it if they had lost half a side - there is a little filler, and certainly the odd indulgence. This edition is among the best of the remasters with a heavy rock sound that became evident from Sgt Peppers onward, and sounds to us as the best edition we have ever heard.

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The Beatles (The White Album)..... Online Price $43.20