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Universal Music Enterprises is reissuing Beck's entire DGC/Geffen/Interscope catalog on 140-gram vinyl. The first records slated for reissue are 1996's Odelay, 2002's Sea Change, and 2005's Guero.

Sea Change will be released as a double LP and Guero will be made available for the first time as a single LP. Reissues for Mellow Gold, Mutations, Midnight Vultures, The Information, and Modern Guilt are also forthcoming. Beck's seventh album, Sea Change, signified a dramatic musical shift in sound and tone from its predecessor, the funky, R&B-influenced Midnite Vultures, and as its title suggested, was a profound transformation. Inspired by the dissolution of a longtime relationship, Beck transformed his sadness into both his most personal and beautiful record to date, trading his trademark sample-filled songs and impressionistic, irreverent lyrics for pensive melodies, sweeping strings and direct, confessional lyrics.

Beck - "Sea Change" ..... Online Price $48.60