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Alexander Borodin may have lived in the shadow of his younger fellow countryman, Tchaikovsky, however his String Quartet No. 2 with it's beautiful clow "notturno" belongs to one of the most important compositions in chamber music. Dmitri Shostakovitch, born in 1906, has been often honored as one of the outstanding composers of this century. Shostakovitch was devasted by the destruction of Dresden and used the composition of his moving String Quartet No. 8 as a means to overcome his war experiences. These 1962 recordings show the greatest level of interpretation by its musicians. The result is a penetrating performance with great expressiveness and feeling. Even the highest demands are met by the warm and full, but intelligible sound pattern. Be the first to write a review for this item OR just rate it

Original Master Re-issues on 180 gram vinyl.

Borodin & Shostakovich String Quartets : Borodin Quartet Decca SXL $39.60

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