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Eugen Jochum at age 23 made his debut in Munich with Bruckner's Symphony No. 7 and so laid the foundations for his lifelong devotion to the Austrian composer's works. From the very beginning, the Concertgebouw Orchestra strides majestically towards the Finale with its sonorous brass sound in the chorale, and fugal sections. As a filler, Jochum's fresh and scholarly account of Mozart's "Linz" Symphony reminds us of his superb mastery of the Viennese Classics. The music, which ranges from festive cheerfulness to abrupt gloominess, is resolutely conducted — with the happy result that the hackneyed image of Jochum as an otherworldly specialist of the Romantic era is completely abolished. Recording: May 1964 at Benedictiner Abbey, Ottobeuren, Germany, by Henk Jansen. A two record set.

Original Master Re-issues 180 gram vinyl from Speakers Corner

Bruckner "Symphony 5" Concertgebouw /Jochum : Online Price $58.50

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