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Recorded in the midst of a 1981 European tour, Guy and Wells took a break from their backing musicians and amps to cut this spontaneous, all-acoustic set. One of the best duos in the history of the blues, guitarist Buddy Guy and harmonica player Junior Wells made several recordings together over the decades, but this one is unique in their discography. The results stand in stark contrast to the hot-and-heavy Chicago blues the duo is known for. Instead, 1981's Alone & Acoustic is relaxed and personal, with an intimate, back-porch feel. Guy switches between six- and 12-string guitars, and lays down rootsy acoustic rhythms for Wells' keening harmonica lines. The two share vocal duties, spinning through a handful of originals, songs by John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters, as well as some nods to traditional tunes. In fact, the performances here pay homage to the rural, country-blues roots these modern bluesmen share. 180 gram
Buudy Guy / Junior Wells "Alone & Acoustic" ..... Online Price $44.10