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Carole King Tapestry on numbered limited-edition 180-gram gatefold LP 

Analog reissue true to producer’s original intent of putting Carole King in the room with you: Experience and feel every organic nuance, suggestive delivery, intimate note

The results mirror what went down in the A&M Studios. Lean, simple, direct, and so nakedly real the sonics evoke what might be heard on a professional demo tape, this collectable Mobile Fidelity LP gives what Rolling Stone deems the 36th Greatest Album of All Time the due it deserves. King's personal singing, her graceful pianism, the integral rhythmic foundation provided by the likes of drummer Russ Kunkel and guitarist Danny Kortchmar, and the symmetrical contributions of guest instrumentalists ranging from saxophonist Curtis Amy to guitarist James Taylor resonate with three-dimensional imaging and cozy realism. Every note, every basic movement, accurately rendered with exquisite detail and full-bodied tonality.

Carole King "Tapestry" (Original Masters)..... Online Price $62.10