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180-gram reissue of iconic 1972 album release In the early 1970s, when Chi Coltrane was seen and heard in Europe on TV singing her hit "Thunder And Lightening," the critics believed that they could once again celebrate a Lady of Rock. People in the USA, spoiled for choice when it came to great vocalists, were hoping to find someone worthy of following in Janis Joplin's footsteps, but the blond lady at the piano was judged somewhat warily: A great voice and a forceful keyboard style were not enough to rock one's way from Chicago's clubs into the top lineup of America's best rock and soul singers. It was, however, these years of singing live that prepared Chi Coltrane's way to creating an impressive recording presence, which is well demonstrated in this album. The producer put together a studio group that set Chi's youthful, powerful voice on fire with its soul-like brass section. Chi's voice comes over best in numbers such as in "You Were My Friend," or in exhilarating gospel songs ("Go Like Elijah), were she can belt out the text and lend it further weight with powerful chords on the piano. from audiphile label, Speakers Corner.
Chi Coltrane : Self-Titled ..... Online Price $39.60
Australian Distributors : Speakers Corner Records