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On Saturday, 7 June 1980 Cold Chisel played a blistering pub gig at the Manly Vale Hotel on the northern beaches of Sydney. Today, more than 36 years later, that entire show is released as The Live Tapes – Vol 3 – Live At The Manly Vale Hotel and is available as a Vinyl LP.

This Manly Vale show was recorded the same week that the band’s ground-breaking third album East was released. East would go on to dominate the charts for the rest of 1980 and set a new high for Australian music. With great foresight, the band recorded the cramped, sweaty pub show on 2-inch 16-track tape and the original audio tapes have been found, baked and carefully prepared so that Kevin Shirley could mix them in June this year. They also filmed the show, but only the second film reel (featuring the second half of the show) could be found. Despite months of archaeological digging, the first reel seems to have been lost forever.

Cold Chisel - "Live Tapes Vol. 3" ..... Online Price $35.10