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2016 Vinyl Reissue. Afterglow is a Crowded House compilation album, released in 1999, that includes a selection of rarities and outtakes. The album tracks were recorded between 1985 and 1994. Like any band, Crowded House had some unfinished business after their split. Namely, they had a number of very good songs that never appeared on an official album, writes AllMusic. These weren't rejects, per se — they were tunes that didn't have a home, so they popped up on B-sides, soundtracks and live shows, where Crowded House regularly aired unreleased and rare songs. These often became fan favorites yet they weren't readily available until the appearance of the rarities, B-sides, and "orphans" collection, Afterglow.

Crowded House - "Afterglow" ..... Online Price $32.40