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Dead Can Dance - Into The Labyrinth

Just as Dead Can Dance were utterly distinctive, so too, is the group's Into the Labyrinth, the scintillating 1993 album that catapulted the Australian duo to greater mainstream success. Widely considered the group's best work, the album finds members Gerald Perry and Lisa Gerrard moving away from the Renaissance style of their earlier albums and finding new ways of fusing ethnic sounds. Ethereal, textured and deeply spiritual, Into the Labyrinth is one of the most gorgeous albums you will ever hear. Anchored by Gerrard's stunning glossolalia vocals - her language-defying singing on tracks such as "Aridane" meets every definition of speaking in tongues - and Perry's kaleidoscopic arrangements, the record's exotic soundscapes mesmerize at every turn. What's most amazing is that Gerrard and Perry play all of the instruments on the album, which was recorded in the Quivvy Church in Ireland, resulting in optimum sound quality, natural resonance and lifelike dimensions.

180 gram from Mobile Fidelity.

Dead Can Dance "Into The Labyrinth" (2 L.P.s) - Online Price $67.50

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