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Dead Can Dance - Spiritchaser

The sonic equivalent of an engaging journey down the Nile River, Spiritchaser is Dead Can Dance's unforgettable swan song. The percussive-based 1996 set find the world-fusion group fashioning thematic songs around rhythmic structures and tribal beats, creating atmospheric soundscapes that take the listener through Africa, South America, England and Europe - sometimes within the same movement. Blurring the lines between styles and genres so that they become irrelevant, Dead Can Dance members Lisa Gerrard and Gerald Perry generate the illusion of being lost amidst a peaceful rain forest that's yet to be discovered by man. Spiritchaser is the sound of a lost culture, where ethereal singing, overlapping harmonies and trance-like tempos serve to calm, relax and enchant. Gerrard's phonetic singing - often taking the form of prayer - is grand albeit understated, as much spiritual as it is natural. Just like the music itself.

180 gram from Mobile Fidelity.

Dead Can Dance "Spiritchaser" (2 L.P.s) - Online Price $67.50

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