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Dvorák: Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra - Pierre Fournier and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by George Szell The Cello Concerto Op. 104 is the last orchestral piece Dvorák wrote during his stay in America. Unlike his Ninth Symphony which borrowed folkloric themes from the New World, the charming Cello Concerto reveals Dvorák's yearning for his Bohemian homeland. In it's day, this recording set the standards for artistic quality and perfection of sound technology. Indeed, this LP is among the most successful classical productions of the Sixties. Thirty years on, this recording is just as popular as it ever was.

Original Master Re-issues 180 gram vinyl from Speakers corner

Dvorak "Concerto for Violoncello" Pierre Fournier / Szell : Online Price : $39.60

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