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Reissued Decca SXL from Speakers Corner. Kertesz's approach is as simple and straight forward as could be, yet the hushed intensity of the playing conveys a depth of feeling that makes one hear the music with new ears. The recording quality is outstanding, among the best this symphony has had. The performance is enjoyable and agreeably fresh, and there is a sudden quickening of tempo after its reprise at the end. There is plenty of excitement and the Vienna Philharmonic plays the Largo most beautifully. Ketrtesz was to record this later with the London Symphony, but (if possible) this is perhaps the better recording with a typical Vienna ambiance.

Original Master Re-issues on 180 gram vinyl.

Dvorak: "Symphony No. 5 (''From the New World'')" Istvan Kertesz : Online Price : $44.10

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