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Recorded in one day: Whimsical feel, surrealist lyrics, on-the-fly fluidness, grace The bard's loosest 1960s effort. The ever-evasive Bob Dylan never explicitly stated exactly what represented the "Another Side" of himself referenced in the title to his second 1964 record. Yet the whimsical moods, hallucinogenic prose, humorous angles, transparent mistakes, and noncommittal themes give a pretty clear idea at what the Bard hinted as he emerged from being labeled as a reluctant generation spokesperson and folk savior after releasing two highly intellectual, socially pioneering sets replete with protest songs. Dylan needed to take a breath, step back from the drama, and reevaluate his surroundings. A part of Mobile Fidelity's Original Master Series on two 45 RPM records.
Bob Dylan - "Another Side Of Bob Dylan" (2 x 45 rpm) ..... Online Price $80.10