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Corelli, Biber, Vivaldi and Various... "The Tube" TACET LABEL

The title of this record is The Tube because they used tubes every step of the way. From a Neumann M49 (tube mic) to the tube mixer and amplifier to a Telefunken M5 tape recorder and finally mastered with tubes. 1. Concerto Grosso op.6 No. 7 d Major 2. Battalia a 10 3. Concerto alla Rustica G Major 4. La Musica Notturna della strade di Madrid 5. Sinfonia F Major. A stunning recording with music performed by the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra.

Original Master Re-issues on 180 gram vinyl from Speakers Corner

"The Tube" Music by Corelli, Biber, Vivaldi and others" : Tacet : Online Price : $44.10

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