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Janos Starker’s recording of the Suites from 1965 makes a lasting impression on the listener. For Charlotte Gilbert of the Mercury record label, these recording sessions were one of five truly great events in all her 20 years of recording experience. Without a doubt, Starker allows his instrument to resound freely but without forcing the tone. Starker’s full-bodied sound and technical brilliance are complemented by his finely chiselled interpretation that lends immense expression to Bach’s thrilling harmony and verve to the strict rhythmic construction of the movements. Just listen to his organ-like double-stopped passages, the eloquent dialogues, and the pure excitement created by his highly individual treatment of tempo. An audiophile award winning record.
Recording: April 1963, September and December 1965 at ballroom Studio A at Fine Recording Studios, New York, by C. Robert Fine and Robert Eberenz / Production: Wilma Cozart

- Original Master Re-issues on 180 gram vinyl -

J. S. Bach "6 Cello Suites" Janos Starker ... 3 LPs box Set ..... Online Price $89.10
........ Quality : Australian distributor for Speakers Corner Records