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Dianna Krall "Quiet Nights"

52nd Annual Grammy Awards Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s) Quiet Nights ~ Claus Ogerman, arranger

Some music is intended to paint a romantic scene - a candlelit dinner, a walk along a moonlit beach. Quiet Nights - Diana Krall's twelfth album - ain't about that. Using Brazil as a musical point of reference, the award-winning pianist and singer is not suggesting a night out; she means to stay in. From Krall's refreshing version of "Where or When," to an utterly soul-stirring rendition of "You're My Thrill," the 10 songs on Quiet Nights are disarming in their intimacy. Even those already familiar with the breathy vocals and rhythmic lilt in Krall's music - and now there are millions - will be taken aback by just how far the music pushes, unabashedly, into the realm of sweet surrender.


Diana Krall "Quiet Nights" 180 gram : Online Price : $32.40

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