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Doors : Doors 2 x 45 RPM

One of rock music’s most famous debuts, The Doors self-titled 1967 smash is legend. The Doors' arrival on the rock scene produced a string of hit singles and albums destined to become classics. Belting out a standard like “Back Door Man” or talk-singing such originals as “The Crystal Ship,” and “I Looked at You,” one reviewer wrote that leather-clad frontman Morrison exuded “both sensuality and menace.” Analogue Productions and Quality Record Pressings are proud to announce that these six studio LP titles — The Doors, Strange Days, Waiting For The Sun, Soft Parade, Morrison Hotel and L.A. Woman —  are featured on 200-gram vinyl, pressed at 45 rpm. All were cut from the original analog masters by Doug Sax, with the exception of The Doors, which was made from the best analog tape copy.

Doors "The Doors" 2 x 45 RPM : Online Price- $67.50