Grizzly Bear: Veckatimest

It’s often difficult to adequately describe the sound that Brooklyn’s Grizzly Bear creates. “Spacious” would be an understatement and an overstatement simultaneously. There’s so much going on, but not in an overwhelming sense. You can hear a pin drop amidst the hazy atmospheres that fill a Grizzly Bear album.  It’s the sort of foggy warmth you didn’t think existed in nature, but somehow, through the magic of production and the work of a band that knows exactly what sound they want, there it is. Grizzly Bear is one of those rare groups that can simply transport you from the confines of your listening space, to a remote locale, rich with grandiose arrangements and echo-y harmonies. Veckatimest lets you revisit that place once again. Named after a 16-acre island off the coast of Massachusetts, the group’s third album and follow-up to 2006’s stunning Yellow House, will transport listeners to an island that’s unfamiliar yet cozy. Small enough to fully explore, but large enough so as not to feel constrained, the place is pretty magnificent. You can dance around its beaches, swim in its temperate waters, and sprawl out in its fuzzy meadows all day. And it’s all thanks to a few dudes from Brooklyn with a keen attention to detail. Daniel Rossen, Ed Droste, and Chris Taylor’s vocal harmonies sound like a warm mug of tea that never runs dry. Chris Bear’s percussion work thumps and shimmers, but never smacks. But what would all of this be without the explosive orchestral arrangements that latch on to each song’s core, whipping them into intensity? The sounds are as gentle as they are ferocious. 

The boys never closed the door to Yellow House, and fragments of the stunning achievement are audible in Veckatimest. But there is certainly some forward progression here... This is pop music at its finest. It was easy to get a bit disoriented listening to Yellow House, which was perhaps too spacious for some. But here, in its grandiosity, Grizzly Bear has found a perfect balance and created an album well worth investing in. - D. Litowitz May 2009

1 Southern Point 5:02
2 Two Weeks 4:03
3 All We Ask 5:21
4 Fine for Now 5:31
5 Cheerleader 4:54
6 Dory 4:26
7 Ready, Able 4:17
8 About Face 3:21
9 Hold Still 2:24
10 While You Wait for the Others 4:29
11 I Live with You 4:57
12 Foreground 3:35


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