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Algiers is a transcontinental trio of multi-instrumentalists who first came together in Atlanta in 2009 before moving to separate places and continuing to make music via the internet. Matador signed them after two striking independently issued singles. Algiers' sound is rife with references that smear together in a soundscape that reasserts (not recombines) musical traditions in a visceral, militant, spiritual way: the striated post-punk of a Certain Ratio, the agit-prop funk attack of the Pop Group, angular, elastic guitar screes à la Gang of Four, the pulsing industrial crunch of Suicide, the hard psychedelic soul of the Temptations, raw Georgia gospel circa the Elders of Zion, John Lee Hooker's early boogie, and the lonesome wails of chain gangs and field hollers. The album was co-produced by Algiers and Tim Morris at 4AD's London studios. 


A1 Remains  
A2 Claudette  
A3 And When You Fall  
A4 Blood  
A5 Old Girl  
B1 Irony. Utility. Pretext.  
B2 But She Was Not Flying  
B3 Black Eunuch  
B4 Games  
B5 In Parallax  
B6 Untitled


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