Speakers Corner Records

If sound quality is of the utmost importance to you then the QR+ Speakers Corner range is where you need to live. For the last 25 years Speakers Corner Records (SCR) have been producing audiophile releases of your favourite artists and composers.

So what is the difference between an audiophile release and standard releases with digital origins? Of course, good pressing is important, but what really makes the major difference to the sound is what happens in the mastering studios! When the master is created directly from the original analogue tape, you are hearing the most authentic and uncompromised fidelity possible.

As a matter of principle, SCR only use analogue masters in order to faithfully reproduce the original intentions of the musicians and recording engineers. Faithfulness to the original is top priority at SCR, not the interpretation of the original: there is no such thing as a “Speakers Corner Sound”. Naturally, the best results are obtained when the original master is used!

QR+ are thrilled to be the exclusive distributor of the Speakers Corner range throughout Australia. We're also in turn, thrilled to be stocking another high fidelity labels Pure Pleasure (pressed at the same plant based in Germany) and Tacet (Tube Only Recordings)... a must for all music enthusiasts!

After something specific from the range? Shoot us a message and we'll get it in for you!