Björk: Utopia

As with most Björk records, Utopia is a lot to take in, and we’ll be absorbing it for a long time. It is musically heady and rawly autobiographical, translating the most intimate moments into towering, skywritten love notes. It’s ruled by a divine feminine energy that interrogates toxic masculinity and, more subliminally, environmental issues. Björk says that spiritually she envisions Utopia as an exotic, woman-run island of generosity and freedom—not a place to live forever, necessarily, but somewhere to get in touch with our purest, most radically optimistic selves. In other words, it’s a journey that’s easy to want to take with her. - K.J. Waite Nov. 2017


Arisen My Senses 4:59
Blissing Me 5:05
The Gate 6:33
Utopia 4:42
Body Memory 9:46
Features Creatures      4:49
Courtship 4:44
Losss 6:51
Sue Me 4:57
Tabula Rasa 4:42
Claimstaker 3:18
Paradisia 1:44
Saint 4:41
Future Forever 4:47 


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