Boards of Canada - The Campfire Headphase 

Blurring the boundaries between rock and techno is a smart move, because BoC have always made music that deserved to appeal beyond the electronic audience. You can imagine fans of My Bloody Valentine/Cocteau Twins-style dreampop falling head over heels for ... Headphase, or devotees of the Cure and Radiohead wallowing in its exquisitely textured melancholy. BoC can also be seen as heirs to the psychedelic tradition, grandchildren of Syd Barrett and the Incredible String Band. The connection comes through not just in the duo's obsession with childhood or their frankly goofy song titles, but also in the stereophonic delirium of their production. On 'Oscar See Through Red Eye' and 'Slow This Bird', sounds pan back and forth across the speakers, the drift and swirl making you melt into a voluptuous disorientation. - Simon Reynolds,


A1 Into The Rainbow Vein 0:44
A2 Chromakey Dreamcoat 5:47
A3 Satellite Anthem Icarus 6:08
A4 Peacock Tail 5:24
B1 Dayvan Cowboy 5:00
B2 A Moment Of Clarity 0:51
B3 '84 Pontiac Dream 3:49
B4 Sherbet Head 2:41
C1 Oscar See Through Red Eye 5:08
C2 Ataronchronon 1:14
C3 Hey Saturday Sun 4:56
C4 Constants Are Changing 1:42
D1 Slow This Bird Down 6:09
D2 Tears From The Compound Eye 4:03
D3 Farewell Fire 8:28


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