Gorillaz: Humanz

Vince Staples, Danny Brown, Kelela, and Pusha T all star on the fifth album from Damon Albarn’s cartoon crew, another gloomy party playlist for the end of the world... The most powerful and heartfelt moment on all of Humanz comes when all the humans disappear, and Albarn is left to himself to croon sadly to his machines: “Busted and Blue” could have been a song on the last Blur album. It explores similar feelings of glassy-eyed melancholy and resignation. And most importantly, it sounds gorgeous, full of digitized finger snaps that spiral out like space junk drifting across the atmosphere. The synth washes here feel like orchestral string sections, and as the emotion intensifies the flimsy Gorillaz pretense burns off again, as it does on every Gorillaz album: All the masks and cameos aside, this still feels like a Damon Albarn solo project, a place for him to treat the studio like the welcoming arms of oblivion, and for us to join him. - J. Greene pitchfork.com April 2017


Intro: I Switched My Robot Off 0:23
Ascension 2:36
Strobelite 4:33
Saturnz Barz 3:02
Momentz 3:17
Interlude: The Non-Conformist Oath 0:22
Submission 3:22
Charger 3:35
Interlude: Elevator Going Up 0:02
Andromeda 3:18
Busted And Blue 4:37
Interlude: Talk Radio 0:20
Carnival 2:15
Let Me Out 3:13
Interlude: Penthouse 0:12
Sex Murder Party 4:19
She's My Collar 3:30
Interlude: The Elephant 0:08
Hallelujah Money 4:26
We Got The Power (Version 2:18:482) 2:18 


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