Kamasi Washington: The Epic

Kamasi Washington's debut as a jazz bandleader!

Kamasi Washington, a member of the studio band that composed To Pimp a Butterfly, has released a triple-album set that functions as an extravagant love letter to (among other things): soul jazz, John Coltrane (various periods), and 1970s fusion leaders such as Miles Davis and Weather Report. It's a large and generous canvas, with the feel of a generational intervention.

As a member of the studio wrecking crew that brought Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly into being, this saxophonist-composer is unusually well poised to secure the attention of listeners who have previously been uninterested in jazz. (This past spring's celebration of all-things-TPAB was sufficiently strong that Billboard even published a well-reported piece that detailed exactly how Lamar's album came to feature so many jazz figures, including Washington.)

The second truth is that jazz could use a few more people with Washington's cachet in the wider world-touring with Snoop Dogg, or putting out albums on Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder imprint. Admitting this is not tantamount to saying that jazz is in some unhealthy creative state (it isn't), but rather that the music currently faces an uphill struggle in the marketplace (as it often has). Source: Acoustic Sounds


  Volume 1 - The Plan
A1 Change Of The Guard 12:16
A2 Isabelle 12:13
A3 Final Thought 06:32
B1 The Next Step 14:49
B2 Askim 12:35
  Volume 2 - The Glorious Tale
C1 The Rhythm Changes 07:44
C2 Leroy And Lanisha 09:24
C3 Re Run 08:20
D1 Miss Understanding 08:46
D2 Henrietta Our Hero 07:14
D3 Seven Prayers 07:36
D4 Cherokee 08:14
  Volume 3 - The Historic Repetition
E1 The Magnificent 7 12:46
E2 Re Run Home 14:06
F1 Malcolm's Theme 08:41
F2 Clair De Lune 11:08
F3 The Message 11:09


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