Kate Bush - Before the Dawn

Kate Bush always exploited technological advancement. In 1979, from just coathangers and Blu-Tack, the trailblazing British pop auteur pioneered the head mic for her vanguard Tour of Life. Her subsequent albums made her one of the earliest adopters of the Fairlight synthesizer that would define the ’80s. Before the Dawn, then, is a surprising throwback: the unexpurgated live album, a document of her 2014 live shows, her first in 35 years. There are no retakes or overdubs bar a few atmospheric FX. No apps, no virtual reality, no interactivity. She’s also said there won’t be a DVD, which is surprising given the show’s spectacular theatrics, conceived by the former artistic director of the Royal Shakespeare Company and a host of designers, puppeteers, and illusionists. The show, and this release, aren’t credited to Kate Bush but the KT Fellowship, in recognition of the vast ensemble effort. Yet in shucking off half the production, this hefty 155-minute set is also the best way that Before the Dawn could have been preserved, allowing it to tell its own story uninhibited by the busy staging. - Review by Laura Snapes pitchfork.com


  Act I
A1 Lily  
A2 Hounds Of Love  
A3 Joanni  
A4 Top Of The City  
B1 Never Be Mine  
B2 Running Up That Hill  
B3 King Of The Mountain  
  Act II
C1 Astronomer's Call (Spoken Monologue)  
C2 And Dream Of Sheep  
C3 Under Ice  
C4 Waking The Witch  
C5 Watching Them Without Her (Dialogue)  
C6 Watching You Without Me  
D1 Little Light  
D2 Jig Of Life  
D3 Hello Earth  
D4 The Morning Fog  
  Act III (Part I)
E1 Prelude  
E2 Prologue  
E3 An Architect's Dream  
E4 The Painter's Link  
F1 Sunset  
F2 Aerial Tal  
F3 Somewhere In Between  
F4 Tawny Moon  
  Act III (Part II)
G1 Nocturn  
G2 Aerial  
H1 Among Angels  
H2 Cloudbusting  


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