Knxwledge - Hud Dreems

Featuring all the excitement and groove of an early Madlib beat tape, Hud Dreems is the full-length instrumental debut from experimental hip-hop producer Glenn Boothe, aka Knxwledge. The 2015 album was released during a banner year for the producer, as his work landed on Kendrick Lamar's landmark album To Pimp a Butterfly, but with its brittle breaks, its love of the hallucinatory, and its kinetic flow, Hud Dreems has found a proper home on the underground tastemaker haven Stones Throw. Very little here runs past the two-minute mark, as beats are presented in a style for MCs to sample rather than being twisted into bloated instrumentals. The three-minute "Trsh" and the two-and-a-half-minute "demskreets.fekts" come off as epic in this environment, and both are head-bobbing highlights that deserve the extra space, but Knxwledge is skilled at twisting a beautiful melody just far enough so that it doesn't break. As he does so repeatedly, the album gains its cohesive feel. Scratchy soul and swooning funk are plentiful, plus the LP is skillfully sequenced like a DJ mix for underground hip-hop fans looking for that ultimate hang-out soundtrack, leaving the bizarre song names the only thing to complain about, as digitally tagging and typing "rightaftr[THK]" and "kometostai.aintreallynootherwaytoputitro" into the title field is quite difficult. Rating=4 starsAllMusic Review by David Jeffries


A1 Kometostai.aintreallynootherwaytoputitro  
A2 Time&tide  
A3 Tkekareofit  
A4 Mylife  
A5 Shuremng  
A6 Noflowrs[instrw]  
A7 Dntfall  
A8 Frmnowhere  
A9 Thtroll  
A10 Letuleave.[geekdop]  
B1 Onlijournitro  
B2 Thtbodi  
B3 Bodies[TOTW]  
B4 Behindme  
B5 Faraway  
B6 Flyinglizrds  
B7 Mydesire[fortwin][vanuys]  
B8 Trsh  
B9 Jstowee  
C1 Nvrending  
C2 Stilluhme  
C3 Aintitovr  
C4 Demskreets.fekts  
C5 Beleeveibne  
C6 Rightaftr[THK]  
C7 Okaiokai  
D1 Untitled  
D2 Untitled  
D3 Untitled  
D4 Untitled  
D5 Untitled  
D6 Untitled  
D7 Untitled  
D8 Untitled  
D9 Untitled  
D10 Untitled  
D11 Untitled  
D12 Untitled  
D13 Untitled  
D14 Untitled


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