Leonard Cohen: Popular Problems

"Popular Problems, Cohen's 13th studio album, has everything of which a latter-day Cohen album is popularly known to be composed: the amelodic, magical croak of Cohen’s own finely aged voice; the hyper-melodic shine of his singers, who have become as integral to Cohen’s project as he himself; a loose, blurring approach to genre and tone." — Tiny Mix Tapes

QR+ says - contains 'Nevermind' the theme for True Detectives season 2... I bought it for this alone, sounds amazing!


Slow 03:25
Almost Like The Blues 03:28
Samson In New Orleans 04:39
A Street 03:33
Did I Ever Love You 04:11
My Oh My 03:37
Nevermind 04:40
Born In Chains 04:56
You Got Me Singing 03:32


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