Midnight Oil: Midnight Oil

On May 5th 2017, Midnight Oil re-issued their entire catalogue in a Deluxe Vinyl Box Set, along with The Full Tank and The Over Flow Tank CD-based collections which are sure to appeal to many Midnight Oil fans.

Midnight Oil is an exceptional debut release that should be in everyone's collection.

This review was based on listening to the remastered edition that is available on TIDAL Hi-Fi. While I have never heard the original release, sonically Midnight Oil is appealing and doesn't cause listener fatigue when listening on speakers. Headphones, by comparison, will bring you closer to the recording, but it does tend to present a shallower soundstage that is a little more jarring. This is most likely a result of the remastering process rather than the original recording. That said, I find Midnight Oil to be one of the few rock-based albums that can be enjoyed at any volume level. Seriously, try to listen to AC/DC at any volume below 60%. Yes, it's doable, but the experience is lacklustre. That certainly isn't the case with 'The Oils' debut release.

Overall, I find that I am enamoured with Midnight Oil and if this album is any indication, the box sets are going to be well worth the investment. -  MARK GREENTREE April 2017 subjectivesounds.com


  Midnight Oil
A1 Powderworks  
A2 Head Over Heels  
A3 Dust  
A4 Used And Abused  
B1 Surfing With A Spoon  
B2 Run By Night  
B3 Nothing Lost - Nothing Gained


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