Rock’n’Roll! If ever there was one single album that summed up the Motorhead philosophy of ‘We are Motorhead, and we play Rock’N’Roll Music’, it was ‘1916’! The real ‘swansong’ of the dreamteam/dreamtime line up of Lemmy, Phil Campbell, Wurzel and Philthy Animal Taylor, ‘1916’ raised the bar for Motoralbums to follow with it’s ‘all killer, no filler’ approach, not a duff track to be had….‘The One To Sing The Blues’ was as potent a statement of intent for the rest of the album as you’re ever likely to get, pure Motorhead, a sonic kick in the guts and a heart punch in the lyrics.

After Lemmys’ emergency operation to remove his tongue from his cheek after penning the less-than-humble ‘I’m So Bad (Baby I Don’t Care)’, the Four Hoarse Men of the Apocalypse kicked into ‘No Voices In The Sky’ – affirming Lem’s earlier wake-up call from Iron Fists’ ‘Don’t Need Religion’ that this is it, there ain’t no afterlife, Evangelists are phonies and that yep, there ain’t no God, but if there is , he is living in Putney and screening his calls.

Source: Pure Pleasure


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