Nick Cave And the Bad Seeds -No More Shall We Part

The ballads have the wide, spacious, sobering ambience one has come to expect from the Bad Seeds. There is an ethereal change in sound in the up-tempo numbers, which are, for lack of better terminology, musical novellas. They plumb the depths of blues, yet contain glissando and crescendos from the orchestral music of composers such as Fartein Valen and Olivier Messiaen. There are places, such as in "Oh My Lord," where rock & roll is evoked as a device, but this isn't rock music. A listen to "As I Sat Sadly By Her Side," "Hallelujah," and the aforementioned track (the most "rock" song here) will attest that it is merely one color on a musical palette that is more expansive now than at any time in the band's history.


As I Sat Sadly By Her Side 6:15
And No More Shall We Part 4:00
Hallelujah 7:48
Love Letter 4:08
Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow 5:36
God Is In The House 5:44
Oh My Lord 7:30
Sweetheart Come 4:58
The Sorrowful Wife 5:18
We Came Along This Road 6:08
Gates To The Garden 4:09
Darker With The Day 6:07


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