Paul Kelly - Nature

There are many words to describe Paul Kelly, but one that seems particularly fitting is ‘prolific’. The singer-songwriter is an Australian music legend, having first performed in little old Hobart back in 1974. Since then he’s had a staggeringly successful career, with over forty years of industry experience under his belt, and more than 20 studio albums to his name. Nature is a celebration of the natural world, and Kelly’s love of poetry. The twelve-track record is a compilation of poems close to Kelly’s heart, by poets he’s ong admired, such as Gerard Manly Hopkins, Walt Whitman, Sylvia Plath, and others. “I first read Gerard Manly Hopkins at school, and I love his density and the use of his imagery, and his adventurousness in language,” says Kelly of the late English poet. “He sort of made up compound words and loved alliteration. It all seemed interesting to me as a teenager to see that words could be pushed and pulled around in that way.” 

Often described as a lyrical poet himself, putting poetry to music is nothing new for the singer. Six years ago, he was involved in a project with the Australian National Academy of Music, where he first combined the two mediums. “I worked with a classical composer and we put poems to music,” Kelly explains. “Before that I’d never thought it was possible to, for me anyway, to put poems to music. I thought having the words first would be too restrictive for the music, but I was just completely wrong. After I’d done that, I just got into the habit of every now and then; if I liked the poem, I’d put a tune to it.” This newfound way of songwriting resulted in his album of Shakespeare’s works, Seven Sonnets and A Song, as well as inspiring last year’s Life Is Fine, and now, Nature. - Review by Greta Brereton,


A1 And Death Shall Have No Dominion 2:25
A2 With The One I Love 2:29
A3 A Bastard Like Me 2:35
A4 Little Wolf 2:53
A5 With Animals 2:24
A6 Bound To Follow (Aisling Song) 4:05
B1 Seagulls Of Seattle 3:00
B2 Morning Storm 3:00
B3 Mushrooms 2:56
B4 The River Song 2:11
B5 God’s Grandeur  2:18
B6 The Trees 2:24


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