Prince: Controversy

Controversy is often thought of as the bridge between Prince’s pathbreaking Dirty Mind and the epic, new-world-making 1999. But it was released during one of the most consequential social, political, and cultural years of the U.S. 1980s for people living in the margins of America—people of color, women, queer folk, poor folk. And the fact that Prince, louder than most all of his peers, was continuing to call, on this record, for collective social and cultural revolt through and by way of his music makes it one of the most important album releases of 1981. - 9/10 D.A. Brooks April 2016


A1 Controversy 7:14
A2 Sexuality 4:20
A3 Do Me, Baby 7:47
B1 Private Joy 4:25
B2 Ronnie, Talk To Russia 1:48
B3 Let's Work 3:57
B4 Annie Christian 4:21
B5 Jack U Off 3:12


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