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So begins Public Enemy's sophomore album, It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back. And yes, you need the warning. Their debut album, Yo! Bum Rush The Show, dropped like a bomb, and its follow-up was no slouch either. Most consider it one of the greatest hip-hop albums ever. It certainly says something that, in the notoriously 'here-and-now' world of hip-hop, an album from around 15 years ago can still command so much respect - not just from hip-hop fans, but from practically everyone.

Arguments about what the greatest hip-hop album (or even greatest Public Enemy album) is are ultimately useless. All you need to know is that it's great. Not many rap albums are indespensible. This is.

Rating 5/5Iai EMERITUS January 16th, 2005


  Silver Side
A1 Countdown To Armageddon 1:41
A2 Bring The Noise 3:45
A3 Don't Believe The Hype 5:18
A4 Cold Lampin With Flavor 4:16
A5 Terminator X To The Edge Of Panic 4:31
A6 Mind Terrorist 1:20
A7 Louder Than A Bomb 3:37
A8 Caught, Can We Get A Witness? 4:55
  Black Side
B1 Show Em Whatcha Got 1:56
B2 She Watch Channel Zero?! 3:49
B3 Night Of The Living Baseheads 3:13
B4 Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos 6:24
B5 Security Of The First World 1:19
B6 Rebel Without A Pause 5:00
B7 Prophets Of Rage 3:18
B8 Party For Your Right To Fight 3:26



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