Radiohead - The King Of Limbs

Radiohead's eighth studio album The King of Limbs bridges the band's many sounds, and was nominated for five Grammys Awards.

The King of Limbs is structured not unlike David Bowie's Low: the more obviously song-based material in one half, sonic experiments in the other - but with the tough stuff first. Listening to it, you're reminded that Radiohead are the only band of their size and status that seem driven by an impulse to twist their music into different shapes. As The King of Limbs proves, when it works it's glorious.

"An album of chilling brilliance. It’s ten years since they confounded us with ‘Kid A’ and yet they're still capable of pulling off a gearchange like this" - Rated: '10' The Fly

"King of Limbs finds one of the greatest bands we have ever known pushing their sound into a new sphere, remaining relevant at the risk of alienating some fans, rather than slipping slowly into the comfortable fog of repetition and compromise." - Rated: 'A-' PMA Pretty Much Amazing



A1 Bloom
Flugelhorn – Noel Langley, Yazz Ahmed
A2 Morning Mr Magpie  
A3 Little By Little  
A4 Feral  
B1 Lotus Flower  
B2 Codex
Conductor – Robert ZieglerFlugelhorn – Noel Langley, Yazz AhmedLeader – Levine AndradeStrings – The London Telefilmonic Orchestra
B3 Give Up The Ghost         
B4 Separator


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