Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels

Run The Jewels is no exception to the group's preexisting cannon of groundbreaking releases. Last year, Killer Mike released RAP Music; coupled with El-P's electronic-infused take on southern production, it redefined the genre's very envelope and expectations for the still young decade. Subsequently El-P released his third solo record with Cancer 4 Cure - a discussion on existence, pulsating with varied amounts of pain, love, sorrow, and acceptance. Two of the year's most unique musical statements came within one month of each other, effectively pushing the regional boundaries rap fans have been known to identify with since its inception. While Run The Jewels may not make the very same statements as its immediate predecessors, it effectively (and nonchalantly) combines the ambition of both records into something completely new and engaging with equal parts Atlanta rap, syncopated boom bap, and El-P's trademark synth driven sci-fi soundscapes.


A1 Run The Jewels  
A2 Banana Clipper  
A3 36" Chain  
A5 Sea Legs  
B1 Job Well Done  
B2 No Come Down  
B3 Get It  
B4 Twin Hype Back  
B5 A Christmas Fucking Miracle  
  Bonus 12''
C1 Pew Pew Pew  
C2 Sea Legs (Dave Sitek Remix)  
C3 36" Chain (BSBD Remix)  
D1 Pew Pew Pew (Instrumental)  
D2 Sea Legs (Dave Sitek Remix) (Instrumental)  
D3 36" Chain (BSBD Remix) (Instrumental)


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