Selling us your pre-loved items

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Do you have some pre-loved items that you want to relocate to a good home?


QR+ are always on the hunt for 2nd hand Music and we are willing to pay cash or exchange equally valued store products for the right stock.  We even have a team on the road that can come to you! (for larger collections only).

We pay for your items based on re-sale VALUE (not a set price per unit or bulk lot) and look to give our customers the best prices in Melbourne! (we understand it can be hard to get rid of sentimental items and will always do our best to accomodate you).

Whilst we are always grateful to look at your unique collection, here are a few guidelines to our pre-loved purchase process:

  1. Outside of sentimental value there is often little resale value in 2nd hand items. Even Un-opened mint condition items cannot be resold as new and therefore have some factor of depreciation.
  2. Depending on our existing stock levels, at any given time we will only be after specific genres and/or product.
  3. We can not guarantee we will take all of your 2nd hand items and do not give on the spot appraisals for collections larger than 10 units.
  4. We must inspect the condition on every piece and may need some time to go through these. We may require you to leave your items with us for up to 7 days (potentially longer for bulk collections) for us to thoroughly evaluate. Don’t worry, we'll take the utmost care in storing and handling your items for you!
  5. We will require your full name, address and Australian Drivers License/Passport/photo ID to complete any second hand purchase.


Here is a guide to what we are frequently looking for:



We are currently looking for quality USED Vinyl LP's in the following genres:

Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop, Funk, Soul, World and Soundtracks.

We still stock one of Australia's largest ranges of USED CLASSICAL & OPERA releases, however are currently seeking to purchase only COLLECTABLE 2nd hand titles.

These include English or Australian first issue EMI, DECCA or COLUMBIA releases in STEREOPHONIC only.

*The most collectable Classical LP's are those recorded in the 1950's and 60's (the golden age of Classical recording!)

We are NOT looking for anything on the World Record Club (WRC), Readers's Digest or Music For Pleasure (MFP) labels.


*Unsure of whether we may be interested in your collection?, get in touch with us and we'll talk you through!