Skip Mahoaney and the Casuals - Land of Love

Land of Love is a trademark LP for connoisseurs of falsetto based sweet soul music of the mid-'70's. It stands the test of time and represents the best the period offered. Dazzling vocals, unexpected hooks and a solid false tenor propelled the drop-dead gorgeous "Bless My Soul" into the R&B Top 40 for 15 weeks in September '76. "Wherever You Go" has its own tale to tell. The song would become a Boston/Cambridge classic of a 10 year period as DJ Arthur Kempton played it weekly as a sign off song for his Sunday radio show. 


Land Of Love 4:16
This Is My Last Time 4:57
Bless My Soul 3:12
And It's Love 5:43
Where Ever You Go 4:32
Running Away From Love 3:32
I Love You 5:59
Happily Ever After 3:21


Brand Funk/Soul

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