Tacet (tube only recording)

In 1989 Andreas Spreer founded a record label that would both retain the magic of traditional analogue recording techniques and use the best of new generation electronic technology.


'... sounds that open the heart and mind' 

So what does that mean from a production standpoint?

Their "Tube Only" LP series incorporates the finest in electronic valve equipment along the entire recording chain, from microphones through the mixing desk to the tape deck. This technique results in the lush, warm and very natural character that Tacet productions are renowned for.

TACET’s “tube only” productions enrich Speakers Corner Records' historically orientated music programme with brand new analogue recordings, which are not available elsewhere. 

Another interesting innovation in playback technology is their 'backwards playing' LP, where the stylus tracks from the inner grooves to the outer grooves; this is not just a novelty but a serious method of music transcription which can provide significant improvement in the quality of sound reproduction in certain recordings, especially classical.

Basically, if you are after any titles that TACET have produced then your search is over. You will not find a recording of higher fidelity. Period.

QR+ are thrilled to be the exclusive distributor of the Speakers Corner range throughout Australia. We're also in turn, thrilled to be stocking another high fidelity labels Pure Pleasure (pressed at the same plant based in Germany) and Tacet (Tube Only Recordings)... a must for all music enthusiasts!

After something specific from the range? Shoot us a message and we'll get it in for you!

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