John Bois - The Dingoes' Lament 

The Dingoes reached the climax of their Australian success in 1974 with their self-titled LP and singles ‘Way Out West’ and ‘Boy on the Run’. In 2010, The Dingoes were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame, and re-formed to record and tour in 2011.
The Dingoes’ Lament is the story of their one chance to make it big on the international stage. It is a rollicking road trip of five Aussie musicians travelling across the USA in preparation for their big break — supporting their stable-mates Lynyrd Skynyrd on a national tour. It is a story of making music, life in a band, but above all it is a yarn, in the best Australian tradition, spun around true events and real characters.
“Stockley, still with the keg between his knees, was now talking about the Australian bands that had been burned trying to make it overseas, particularly The Easybeats and Daddy Cool. ‘Daddy Cool were fuckin’ great,’ he was saying. ‘Jesus, if they couldn’t make it ... ’ ‘They got Phar Lapped,’ said Brod... After the investigation, they said: ‘We will never know what killed Phar Lap.’ Bullshit! We know what killed Phar Lap. From Gallipoli, to Les Darcy (the boxing champ who went to the US and died just as suddenly), to Phar Lap, to Daddy Cool: Australians must get screwed! That’s all. That’s because they don’t know, can’t know, what they’re walking into.“

I can’t think of a rock’n’roll yarn that’s as convincing, as absorbing as The Dingoes’ Lament.” - Greg Quill

  • John Bois is the bass player of the Dingoes. He currently lives in Florida, USA, where he teaches high school biology.
  • John Tait, who provides the discography and other notes in the book, is a music writer and retailer and the author of the only book on the Easybeats, entitled Vanda and Young.


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