The Easybeats: Absolute Anthology 1965 to 1969

The Easybeats were the first rock and roll act from Australia to score an international pop hit with the 1966 single "Friday On My Mind". This classic collection contains that hit single alongside "St. Louis", plus "Women", "Good Times", "Sorry" and more.

Re-issued album from iconic Australian band The Easybeats featuring all 43 of their tracks. Originally released for one print run on vinyl only in 1980, this long out of print album has been digitally mastered and the artwork recreated by hand to replicate the original release. 


A1 For My Woman 3:02
A2 Say That You're Mine 2:40
A3 She's So Fine
A4 Wedding Ring 1:58
A5 Easy As Can Be 2:28
A6 Sad & Lonely & Blue 2:10
A7 You Said That 2:32
A8 You Got It Off Me 2:22
A9 You Can't Do That 2:22
A10 Funny Feelin' 2:25
A11 In My Book 3:05
A12 Women 2:30
B1 Come & See Her 2:38
B2 I'll Make You Happy 3:07
B3 Too Much 1:45
B4 Sorry 2:30
B5 Made My Bed, Gonna Lie In It 2:17
B6 Friday On My Mind 2:46
B7 Pretty Girl 2:20
B8 Remember Sam 2:32
B9 Who'll Be The One 2:34
B10 Do You Have A Soul? 2:58
B11 Heaven & Hell 2:38
C1 Hello How Are You 3:56
C2 Come In, You'll Get Pneumonia 3:23
C3 Good Times 3:23
C4 Bring A Little Lovin' 2:20
C5 The Music Goes Round My Head (Fast) 2:16
C6 Falling Off The Edge Of The World 2:33
C7 The Shame Just Drained 2:40
C8 What In The World? 2:15
C9 Land Of Make Believe 3:10
C10 Peculiar Hole In The Sky 2:48
D1 Lisa 3:10
D2 Saturday Night 3:24
D3 Amanda Storey 2:43
D4 Down To The Last 500 2:38
D5 Lay Me Down & Die (Vocal Version) 2:48
D6 Wait A Minute 2:37
D7 I Love Marie 2:35
D8 Rock & Roll Boogie 2:27
D9 Can't Find Love 3:25
D10 St. Louis


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