The Grateful Dead - From the Mars Hotel

Grateful Dead's interplay wows on hits: "U.S. Blues," "Unbroken Chain," "China Doll" and more!

Mastered on Mobile Fidelity's world-renowned mastering system

Limited to 4,000 numbered copies, pressed at RTI

180-gram 45 RPM 2LP reissue boasts dynamic, smooth sound

Welcome, friend. You've just checked into the Mars Hotel. The Wall of Sound, the greatest PA system ever constructed, is freshly built and ready to go. Phil Lesh is busy experimenting with a low-frequency concept known as "Earthquake Bass." Jerry Garcia is smiling, fresh from blaring a tongue-in-cheek anthem titled "U.S. Blues" that serves as both an irresistible rallying cry of pride and ironic commentary. And the Grateful Dead's interplay continues to wow, peaking on "Unbroken Chain," the most obvious example yet of the group's shared chemistry and individual talents. Yes, we're certain you'll enjoy your stay. In the lobby, you'll find decoratively funky "Scarlet Begonias." Do we need mention the music, performances, and sights sound and look better than ever?

Mastered on Mobile Fidelity's world-renowned mastering system, pressed at RTI and strictly limited to 4,000 numbered copies, Mobile Fidelity's 180-gram 45RPM vinyl 2LP set of From the Mars Hotel comes on as both an audiophile delight and Deadhead's dream. Vastly improving upon the long-out-of-print 1984 MoFi version that currently commands upwards of hundreds of dollars on the aftermarket, the new version takes advantage of enhancements to the cutting system, pressing process, and mastering gear. MoFi's engineers have taken every precaution in honing the sound and feel of the Dead classic. And you cannot argue with the extra information within the wider 45RPM grooves.

Side One:
1. U.S. Blues
2. China Doll
Side Two:  
1. Unbroken Chain
2. Loose Lucy
Side Three:  
1. Scarlet Begonias
2. Pride Of Cucamonga
Side Four:  
1. Money Money
2. Ship Of Fools


Barcode # 821797248211
Brand Rock/Pop

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