TLC - Crazy Sexy Cool

There's a reason CrazySexyCool has proved itself so enduring - it's a consistently excellent record. The songwriting, production, arranging, and vocal performances throughout are among the best the genre's ever seen. In a genre notorious for delivering albums that consist of 2 singles and a load of casually tossed-off filler, this is a rare, precious commodity. Like The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, it's also crossed over to an audience that wouldn't usually go near anything like this, though on a smaller scale.

The long and short of it is that CrazySexyCool is just a brilliant album. It's proof that at its best, modern R&B really can compete with the highlights scraped by Motown. Only the skits and interludes really come in the way of this being a perfect distillation of the genre. - I. Emeritus 


A1 Intro-lude 1:02
A2 Creep 4:29
A3 Kick Your Game 4:14
A4 Diggin' On You 4:14
B1 Case Of The Fake People 4:05
B2 CrazySexyCool - Interlude 1:42
B3 Red Light Special 5:03
B4 Waterfalls 4:39
C1 Intermission-lude 0:44
C2 Let's Do It Again 4:16
C3 If I Was Your Girlfriend 4:37
C4 Sexy - Interlude 1:35
D1 Take Our Time 4:34
D2 Can I Get A Witness - Interlude 2:57
D3 Switch 3:30
D4 Sumthin' Wicked This Way Comes 4:28


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