Weezer - Green Album

Weezer's self-titled third album, collectively known as the Green Album, nearly never came to pass. The band had all but broken apart, with leader Rivers Cuomo choosing to go back to college and the other members dismayed at the initial reception to 1996's Pinkerton. Persuaded at the turn of the century to return to the concert stage, the foursome launched one of the most enduring comeback stories in history, and in the process, penned 75 songs, the choicest of which grace 2001's concise, tightly played Green Album.


A1 Don't Let Go 2:59
A2 Photograph 2:19
A3 Hash Pipe (UK Single Edit) 2:51
A4 Island In The Sun 3:20
A5 Crab 2:34
B1 Knock-Down Drag-Out 2:08
B2 Smile 2:38
B3 Simple Pages 2:56
B4 Glorious Day 2:40
B5 O Girlfriend 3:49


Barcode # 821797139410
Brand Audiophile

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