You Am I: Hourly Daily

People are usually pretty willing to pick their favourite You Am I record and you'd wager more than most would choose this 1996 ode to the romanticism of suburban life as top of the pile. The band had already rapidly matured between their first and second records, and here they took another leap again; the songs of Tim Rogers harking to his 1960s rock heroes more than ever, while the experience of both suburban and touring life informed the tales within. The rollicking Mr Milk, Good Mornin', Forget It, Sister and If We Can't Get It Together, the despondent Heavy Comfort, Tuesday and Please Don't Ask Me To Smile are all among Rogers' best and, as a complete package, it's a delight from start to finish.


A1 Hourly, Daily 4:23
A2 Good Mornin' 4:12
A3 Mr. Milk 3:15
A4 Soldiers 2:30
A5 Tuesday 3:15
A6 If We Can't Get It Together 2:33
A7 Flag Fall $1.80 2:55
A8 Wally Raffles 3:17
B1 Heavy Comfort 2:17
B2 Dead Letter Chorus 2:35
B3 Baby Clothes 2:21
B4 Someone Else's Home 2:13
B5 Please Don't Ask Me To Smile 3:18
B6 Moon Shines On Trubble 3:34
B7 Who Takes Who Home? 3:32 


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